Colored anodizing, hard coat anodizing, black oxide, black and yellow zinc, chemical film/yellow irridite, nickel, electroless nickel, specialized processes, and more.



JET HELSETH has a fully equipped and staffed Finishing Department with small & large tumbling/deburring processes, glass bead and grit blasting processes, deburring tools, rotary files, and other equipment to support the quality finishes required on our projects.

Core finishing services include:
Beadblasting, Gritblasting, Vapor Honing operations for surface preparation. Deburring, tumbling, and edgebreak processes. Masking, mil spec wet paint and powdercoat, Chemfilm/Irridite/Chromate, anodizing and hardcoat plating, electroless nickel plating.

Plating solutions include:
JET HELSETH regularly processes parts with various plating operations including colored anodizing, hard coat anodizing, black oxide, black and yellow zinc, chemical film/yellow irridite, nickel, electroless nickel, and specialized processes such as armoloy and Teflon impregnated hard coat.

finishing and plating

Thanks to everyone at JET Helseth Manufacturing, Inc. that helped bring our Ironman project together. Delivering ahead of schedule, with quality and improved our chances of closing this project with success.

E. Newell – FARO

I’m privileged to have a local facility such as JET Helseth Manufacturing, Inc., with their capacity and capabilities. Their professionalism, turnaround, fairness and ease to work with time have been exceptional.

Kristin S. – Comtech

Thank everyone for getting those parts to me so quickly. I know we’ve asked for miracles a lot in the past few weeks (last few years??), but you’ve ensured our success in this project.

D. Christian – Extant
finishing and plating Silkscreen with clear coat

Aircraft Ground Support Equipment, Front Panel for a Programmer. 6061 Al, Mil Spec wet paint, baked, Silkscreen with clear coat.

Jet Helseth Manufacturing cranial plate laser marking

Cranial Plate made out of high grade Titanium, then Anodized and laser marked. Used in cranial neurosurgery.

Quality Assurance Inspection and Testing

This is a picture of an in process Mk48 shell and a finished powdercoated Shell on an inspection fixture. This is a custom in-housed designed and built inspection fixture used to verify outside diameter taper on these large shells.

Jet Helseth Manufacturing finishing and plating

Aircraft Electronics enclosure parts, made of 6061 Aluminum with Chemfilm Finish. This entire enclosure fastens together with screws.

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JET HELSETH is an AS9100D and ISO9001:2015 Registered facility. Established in 1995, our leadership team possesses over 100 years of precision manufacturing and quality engineering experience.